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Problem solvers, Promoters, Designers

We are here to make your life easier and your wallet fatter. Our love of marketing will provide you with a wide range of effective marketing services, we work hard to do the best for your business, plus we are super easy to work with (that’s what our customers say anyway).

ASHLEIGH RUSHTON | Managing Director

Phone: 03 307 7274
Mobile: 027 3899 763

After working in the print advertising industry, I was amazed hearing over and over again how business owners felt about marketing. Many felt it was time consuming, confusing and yielded poor results. But, how could this be? I had fallen in love with marketing while studying the subject and found it to be captivating, exciting and crucial to business success.

After further discussions (or, professional badgering if you like) I came to the conclusion that many business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to market their brand in a result-driven way. So the idea was born – an offsite marketing manager, someone who can free business owners up to continue doing what they do best and leave the marketing to us! On January 16, 2015 Rushton Marketing became a reality.

CHERI MCDONALD | Social Media Coordinator

Phone: 03 307 7274
Mobile: 027 516 7038

Cheri joins Rushton Marketing with an abundant passion for all things Social Media. She lives, breathes and dreams Facebook and strives every day to generate leads for our clients via effective Facebook page use.

When not hard at work at Rushton Marketing Cheri can be found in the kitchen at EAT Café, hiking with her partner, or performing burlesque (corsets and mountains go hand in hand right!?).

If you’d like to see better results from your company Social Media efforts then email Cheri

MEG LEE | Graphic Designer

Phone: 03 307 7274
Mobile: 027 551 8811

Having recently completed her Honours in Art and Design (Majoring in Photography, Illustration and Graphic Design) Meg Lee joins the Rushton Marketing team with a fine eye for detail, enthusiasm for out of the box creative thinking and readiness to set our clients brands alight!

When she is not at work Meg can be found spending time outdoors with her son or enjoying a glass of Vino with friends.

To chat with Meg about your next Graphic Design project email her at

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