What we do

With our expertise, passion and knowledge of modern consumers Rushton Marketing provide businesses in Ashburton and across Canterbury with a range of marketing services – specialising in online, social media, advertising and graphic design.

Marketing is not for everyone, it can be confusing, time consuming and yield poor results when not executed properly. We are professionals in the field and are passionate about helping your business succeed!

Not sure if you need our help? Check out the 6 signs you need Rushton Marketing on your team below

6 signs that you need Rushton Marketing on your team:

There are not enough hours in the day

1: There are not enough hours in the day

Effective marketing takes time to plan and implement, let us free up some of your time by taking on the role of marketing manager.

Marketing methods and statistics.

2: You’re confused with too many options

We are industry professionals who are kept up to date with the latest marketing methods and statistics. We’ll work hard on your behalf to ensure your brand is seen by the right audience, at the right time and in the right way.

You’re sick of being interrupted by sales calls

3: You’re sick of being interrupted by sales calls

We know you get fed up with the countless sales calls, so how about you free yourself of these interruptions and let us handle them instead. We can negotiate the best deals for you and only bother you when it counts!

Limited resources available.

4: You have limited skills or resources available

Business owners and employees should spend their working day doing what they do best. We are a team of marketing specialists who can enhance your brand image and help you see better results from your marketing efforts.

Just not interested.

5: You’re just not interested

It’s ok to feel this way because we adore marketing! You can trust that our passion will result in positive outcomes for your business.

Flat monthly rate.

6: You would love to hire a marketing specialist but think it’s too expensive

We won’t cost you a fortune, promise. We believe in transparency and doing what is easiest for you. Your tailored marketing management package will be on a flat monthly rate. Piece of cake!