Social Media Support

Social Media advertising 

If you aren’t advertising on Facebook or Instagram yet then I promise you you are missing out on a massive chunk of business.  

  • The results are quick 
  • The investment is low (from $5 a day)
  • The audience targeting is so accurate it frightens me (Ask me about the man who got married on a Saturday and got an ad for a divorce attorney on his newsfeed the next day – true story). 

If you’re ready to experience the magic of Social Media advertising then let’s chat. 

What you’ll do:

Tell me what you want to achieve (i.e. website visits, in store sales, lead generation, brand awareness etc) and what your budget is.

What I do:

I take that information to create a strategic Facebook ad campaign using Facebook Ads Manager. 

  1. Select appropriate Facebook ad objective

2. Create upto 3 audience groups to target (made up of demographics, audience interests and online behaviours, custom audiences such as Facebook pixel and client lists and lookalike audiences) 

3. Create the visuals and write copy that will cut through the newsfeed noise and inspire conversions from your audiences.  (upto 3 ads will be running as part of your campaign)

4. Report back. Once your campaign is approved and begins to run I’ll be checking the results and making any tweaks to optimise delivery every couple of days.

On day 14 and 28 I’ll send you a results report. Hopefully you will be experiencing results at your end by then so you’ll already know the campaign is doing its’ thing!


$440+ gst per campaign

Facebook ad spend additional (minimum $5 per day)

Recent success stories

Lead Generation campaign for online wedding consults during Level 4 lock down.

6 enquiries in the first 7 days.

Spent $73, made $8000 in sales. 

Spent $250 advertising online Stop Smoking sessions during Level 4 lock down.

78 enquiries as a result. 

Laser Electrical Ashburton decided to try Facebook ads for the first time.

We set up the campaign and were thrilled when in the first 6 days they had 13 enquiries!

The total result was 48 leads at the end of their 8 week campaign.

We spent $400 on a Facebook lead generation ad.

In 3 weeks we received 21 leads which converted to $9,600 in sales. 

We set up a short term ad campaign with just $50 ad spend. 

The result? 6 jobs booked.

In a private training session we taught our client how to set up a Facebook ad using Ads Manager.

Just 2 hours later our client received her first enquiry!

Ad active for 3 days,

Ad spend so far 66.10.

315 visits to their website.

Social Media Management

Let me manage your business Social Media accounts so you can get back to biz.

After coming up with a content strategy I’ll create and post twice a week on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Don’t worry about replying to people on your down time either, I’ll take care of engaging with your audience for you.

We’ll celebrate achievements and brainstorm ideas in a  monthly catch up (coffee’s on me!)

Priced from $120 per week 

Download 40 Facebook post ideas