Social Media
Health Check

What’s a Social Media Health Check? 

A fresh set of experienced eyes taking a look at your Facebook or Instagram page and making sure you’re set up for success in the Social Media Marketplace.

Perfect for you if you’re tired of spending time and energy on your business Facebook or Instagram and getting nothing in return or if you’re wondering why your followers aren’t turning into customers. 

What do we look at? 

Proper and professional page set up is essential​. Your Social Media page is your online front of house, so let’s make sure it’s well laid out and functional. You wouldn’t have an untidy reception area or a messy shop window. 

Does your page represent your brand? Are the colours in your graphics within your brand palette? Does the language used attract your target audience? If your page name wasn’t visible would a visitor know who you were?

Have you made the most of the auto messaging functions on Facebook and Instagram or are messages going unanswered for too long? ​

Is your user experience a good one? How easy is it for visitors to find your products or services?​ 

While it’s last on this list, it’s one of the first things I check – because it’s so dam important! 

What does the data say about your pages performance and what can we take from this and improve on?​

After I’ve taken a deep dive into your business Social Media accounts you’ll be sent a report that includes: 

  • analysis of your current position
  • industry benchmarking
  • SWOT analysis
  • audience type and engagement
  • most importantly, the ACTION plan. Things you can change or start doing immediately to improve your presence and grow your following.