Sonya and Martin run a very successful cleaning business. Movement in how the business is run day-to-day saw Sonya constantly on the go dealing with operational matters. Sonya knew the importance of marketing for her business but admits she was finding less time to spend focusing on it.

Sonya needed to delegate the role of marketing manager to us. Her new Rushton Marketing monthly package includes regular marketing tasks that we are now responsible for, along with some additional ‘flexi-time’ that Sonya can rely on for anything unforeseen that crops up. Sonya can now rest easy knowing that a team of dedicated professionals have her best interests at heart and will work hard to keep her brand positioned as an industry leader.

“I went to Ashleigh at Rushton Marketing as I needed a hand fulfilling marketing duties that I was finding hard to make time for. We now have a comprehensive marketing management plan in place that sees Rushton Marketing dealing with the majority of tasks for us, allowing me to get on with the day to day running of my business. Ashleigh was quick to jump on board this project and within the week we had the plan in place and she was busy working on the local advertising for us.”