Graphic Design

Great design is so much more than just a pretty picture or a clever headline. It’s about selling a product, idea or story by attracting and engaging your target audience. Our team has experience working with a variety of clients in Ashburton and the wider Canterbury region.

Whatever the product we’ll work closely with you to identify your key messages and desired outcomes. We will write content and create a design project that engages your readers, portrays the personality of your business and motivates the consumer to deliver on your call to action.

Need Graphic Design in a hurry?

Ask about our 48 hour project turn around guarantee! 

Applying principles of graphic design to your unique goals

From a design perspective we take into careful consideration the element hierarchies and visual cues that will assist in communicating the key messages on a subconscious level.

We also take care of the printing for you – we have a great relationship with an experienced, local print shop who offers us excellent rates and advice on paper stocks, finishing and other production techniques.

Our team goes to every length to ensure the finished product is something you are truly proud of!

When you choose Rushton Marketing, you can expect a comprehensive service that goes above and beyond to understand your mission and deliver a lasting result.

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